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Update on Haze

Haze Forecast and Health Advisory

You may have heard that Singapore could be experiencing hazy conditions in the next few months. The health impact of haze is dependent on several factors, including one’s health status, the PSI level, and the length and intensity of outdoor activity. Find out more about the latest haze forecast at the NEA Haze Microsite; and the latest health advisory at MOH Haze Microsite.



There are currently no cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-Cov) in Singapore and the risk of an outbreak in Singapore remains low. However, given today’s globalised travel patterns, the Government remains vigilant and is stepping up its operational readiness in the event of an imported case. Read more...


Update on Dengue Situation in Singapore

Dengue is endemic in Singapore and the battle against dengue hinges on effective mosquito control by all.

The public needs to continue taking steps to prevent mosquito breeding in their homes, particularly those living in areas where there is active dengue transmission. Suspected or confirmed cases should protect themselves and their household members from mosquito bites by using mosquito repellent, coils, mats, nets, and by wearing protective clothing. MOH has also reminded clinicians to be vigilant to look out for dengue cases and NEA has stepped up its efforts to combat the spread of the virus by sending officers to comb dengue ‘hotspots’ and eradicate potential mosquito breeding spots.

Let’s do our part to fight against dengue. Watch this video and find out more about the 10 minute 5 step mozzie wipeout which you can do every week. Visit www.dengue.gov.sg for more information.

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About Emergency 101

Emergency 101 is a one-stop information portal for the public to learn how to handle emergencies. Pick up knowledge and skills that can potentially save lives in various emergency situations.

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Emergency Contacts ► 

  Emergency Ambulance and fire 995
  Non-Emergency Ambulance 1777
  Police Emergency
  Dengue hotline 1800 933 6483
  Fire hazard reportinG 1800 280 0000


SCDF Paramedic

The SCDF ambulance will convey all emergency cases to the nearest restructured hospital with the appropriate medical facility. The SCDF does not charge for any emergency case it conveys to hospitals. However, $198 will be charged for each non-emergency case that SCDF ferries to hospital.

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